©Brendan Hong 2012

Brendan Hong is a freelance illustrator that graduated from the Illustraton program at Ontario College of Art and Design. He enjoys being a freelancer after realized that the free part of freelancer does not mean he works for free, although he's a bit disappointed that that also means that he doesn't get a lance either and has decided that freelancer is a very misleading word. Through it all, he still hopes to get a free lance one day, but he's a bit unsure of where that might come from.

Doodling as a kid has been the gateway to the greater joys of drawing for Brendan. A pencil and paper is just the beginning for him and he hopes to continue evolve as his days fill up with more and more drawings. He's been able to have the pleasure to work with such companies: Kayak Magazine, ChickaDEE Magazine, LAD Communicaton and Bombardier Aerospace.